2012/Dans le cœur

What remains of the 2012 Quebec student protests? Little has changed in the decade that ensued. Rodrigue Jean and Arnaud Valade exhume images of the battles, recorded live and relayed through the mass media, that flared up as anger and indignation went head-to-head with the rhetoric of power. Against these divisive images, the filmmakers overlay a historical perspective of the state and its police in Montreal, Quebec and Canada, delving into the roots of sanctioned violence. Their compelling glance at the past is, of course, a cry that continues to echo in the present day. While the voices have been silenced, revolt still brews. All it takes is a spark...

Genre: Documentaire

Jeter: Safia Nolin

Réalisateur: Rodrigue Jean

Pays: Canada

Durée: 77 minutes

Qualité: HD

Libération: 2023

2012/Dans le cœur (2023) - IMDb  6