A documentary project that aims to capture the uncapturable. Explain what cannot be explained. How does one decipher fado? How is it conceived? They say one is born a fado singer, but how do you define what one feels? Does it emanate from within? Many Eastern masters believe that knowledge can only be gained in person. Could it be that through technology we can capture the timeless presence of a master and feel their knowledge? This is a documentary that tries to explain what fado is, to those who know it and those who don't, from the inner point of view of the 'maker' of fado. From the composer to the guitarist, including those who sing it and those who study it. And so, through these testimonies, we can explain the invisible. The inner side of Fado.

Durée: 58 minutes

Qualité: HD

Libération: 2012

Fado (2012) - IMDb  6