Hiker's Haunt

Hikers descend on Knole Park, near Sevenoaks, and soon begin to cause all sorts of mayhem. They are rowdy and destructive; ripping up ferns, pulling down signs, leaving litter and smashed glass scattered about. Two woodland spirits decide to teach the miscreants a lesson, sending lightning down upon the hikers who become transformed into deer. However, the female spirit intercedes and the ‘deer’ become human once more apart from one man who retains a pair of antlers. This short film is a good example of the Sevenoaks Cine Society's award winning output, showing their innovative and creative approach to comic film-making. It uses a number of special effects from double exposure to rudimentary prosthetics. The film won a 'Specially Commended Award' from Amateur Cine World and winning films were often screened to capacity audiences at the National Film Theatre in London. These films would also tour the country in special screenings at local cine clubs and societies.

Genre: Fantastique, Comédie


Réalisateur: Sevenoaks Cine Society


Durée: 17 minutes

Qualité: HD

Libération: 1950

Hiker's Haunt (1950) - IMDb  6