A series of vignettes is woven into a larger story in this first film to be written and directed by Juan Minon and Miguel A. Trujillo. A writer who works in a bookshop to earn a living meets a wealthy American named Kargus looking for talent to ensconce in his projected art colony in the Gilbert Islands. In order to convince the American to take him on as a good prospect, the writer promotes his own stories -- the vignettes seen in the film. One story is about a young man trying to impress his girlfriend with his new car, a car he indirectly borrowed from a rental agency. His efforts to hide the rental sign on top of the car lead to various comical posturings. Other vignettes are from the era of the Spanish Civil War, including one about two people trying to survive by hunting cats and killing them to sell to butchers. Another vignette shows pro-Franco activists eradicating anti-Franco graffiti in Madrid.

Durée: 96 minutes

Qualité: HD

Libération: 1981

Kargus (1981) - IMDb  4