Pendekar Helang

Sent by His Majesty the Sultan to secure a village that was in turmoil due to the evil swordsmen, the Eagle Swordsman deliberately caused chaos so as not to be suspected by the cruel Daing Swordsman. The swordsman Daing often steals the property of the villagers and also kidnaps a virgin as his prisoner and causes chaos to the people in the village. Deliberately making a deal with him, Pendekar Helang took Sundang Panca Sakti which was said to be able to kill the evil swordsman from Penghulu Malim's storage to be given to Swordsman Daing as a trick to kill him. There was a fight between those who were the key to peace in the village.

Durée: 72 minutes

Qualité: HD

Libération: 1991

Pendekar Helang (1991) - IMDb  6