Twin Fist for Justice

Following Tung's death in a mysterious plane crash, a police investigator replaces him to investigate the shady dealings of a gang of criminals led by Feng Wei, cousin of the dead. Feng's faults soon come to light. He wants to trick cousin Ivy, Tung's sister, the only beneficiary of a significant fortune. To achieve his purpose, Feng does not hesitate to kill Tung's butler, housekeeper and girlfriend. After realizing that Ivy is unaware of where the key to the safe in which the inheritance documents were kept is hidden, Feng tries to escape by taking her cousin hostage, but will be captured by the investigator and imprisoned with all of his band, while Ivy will be able to live peacefully near her savior.

Durée: 86 minutes

Qualité: HD

Libération: 1974

Twin Fist for Justice (1974) - IMDb  6