V.W.P 1st ONE-MAN LIVE ”The Phenomenon”

The virtual artist group "V.W.P" was formed in March 2021 by Kamitsubaki Studio's members Kaf, Rime, Harusaruhi, Isekaijyocho, and Koko. After their respective live performances, V.W.P will hold their long-awaited 1st ONE-MAN LIVE "The Phenomenon". The five witches, who have rewritten their own destinies through their "songs," gather together to find out what the expansion of possibility is that will cause. You should look at the witches' phenomenon.

Genre: Musique

Jeter: KAF, RIM, Harusaruhi, Isekaijoucho, Koko


Pays: Japan

Durée: 213 minutes

Qualité: HD

Libération: 2022

V.W.P 1st ONE-MAN LIVE ”The Phenomenon” (2022) - IMDb  6